Making a great MEET ME video

The first thing to check out is this phenomenal ZeeMee Tip (ZIP) from our gap-year interns, Wil and Anthony:

It is important to ensure that your videos aren't too long. Shoot for under 2 minutes, preferably even 1.

Admissions reps, scholarship decision-makers and employers are busy people.

Uploading a 20-minute video of your athletic highlights from 1st to 12th grade is not a good fit for the Meet Me video.

They want a quick, authentic view of who you are, what you are passionate about and why their school, scholarship or job opening is perfect for you.

Save the long video of your athletic highlights for the coaches. In fact, send your ZeeMee page directly to them!



- Find a friend who can hold a camera while you focus on talking

- If you can't, then set a camera on a tripod or a high table so that it isn't shaky

- Memorize what you want to say and say it in 1 take. Edits will make it feel less quality

- Crop the beginning and the end, so that it has a clean start and finish

- Try using a video app that allows you to add some filters if you're using your iPhone

- Film it in a widescreen or landscape format, so there are no black bars added to your video


Here are some great examples of a Meet Me Video without actually having to be on camera! (video recommendation from a counselor/teacher) (slideshow with text) (slideshow from iMovie) (video recommendation from a friend)
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