What should I add to my ZeeMee page?


We have discovered from those reviewing applications that they find it very beneficial to have a visual representation of you.

This gives the reviewer a well-rounded view of who you are.

ZeeMee provides 3 main sections to showcase yourself in a powerful way.

We break those down here for you:


In this section, we recommend filming a short video introducing yourself and what you are looking for in a school or employment opportunity. Most will not watch anything longer than 1 minute, so keep it concise.

Check out these tips on making a great introduction video.



Based on our research, Admissions Counselors loved seeing a snapshot of what makes you, well YOU. This seems to include what growing up was like, do you have family and how you enjoy free time. Include images, videos and documents that support your visual story.



This section is all about YOU. What have you accomplished in your life? Use images, videos and documents to showcase your talents and achievements.

Are you a great tennis player?

Tell about it. Write about your experiences and what you have accomplished.

Show it. Include pictures of you at state with your team or a great match you won. Provide a video of you executing a great serve. Then give some details in the image description area.

Are you a great debater?

Again. Tell us about it and then support it with images, videos and documents. 


Keep going until you feel like you have given a viewer a great snapshot of who you are. 

*We recommend keeping it around 3-5 of your best activities. 


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