Creating Your Admissions Counselor ZeeMee Page

Creating your admissions counselor ZeeMee page is fun and easy! As a bonus, your prospective students can get to know you better and interact with you on the ZeeMee app.

Create a ZeeMee counselor account now.

At this time, you can only create counselor pages accessing ZeeMee on a web browser. In other words, you cannot create a counselor page directly on the app - yet!

Be sure to sign up as a counselor, not a student. Once your counselor page is created you will populate on the app for students to see you in your respective college. So be sure to download the app. :)

Check out these counselor pages from some of our other partner schools to get ideas and inspiration:

Beloit College

Bloomfield College

Caldwell University

Eastern Illinois University

Saint Joseph's University

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